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Cake in a Jar - Delicious Personal Cakes, Party Favors and Birthday Cake -  Gluten Free vegan cake goodness! 


Cookies N Cream- our delicious Chocolate cake with bits of cookies crumbles with Vanilla cream frosting.


Vegan and gluten free Cake in a jar! The perfect gift giving idea for any occasion! 

Not only do our cupcakes in a jar look beautiful, they taste amazing too. And they are vegan and gluten free!!

 Surprise someone special, or give yourself the treat you deserve, with these tasty cakes of pure bliss! 

* All cupcakes are made from scratch to order to ensure freshness.


* To keep fresh, refrigerate cakes for up to a week. Or, freeze for up to 4 months .

They are best enjoyed at room temp! So pull them out of the fridge and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes. You can enjoy them anywhere.


***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to the perishable nature of this product please make sure this doesn't sit in a mailbox for a few days.

* Each 8 ounce jar generously contains two servings 3.5-4 ounces per serving. We fill each jar to the very top!

Cookies and Cream Cake in a Jar Vegan and Gluten free


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