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About Us

We are an artisanal manufacturer, producing vegan equivalents of traditional meats, cheeses, and baked goods. We create our products using the finest, natural ingredients, including produce and herbs from local farms, and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Hi There, I am Jen

 I am the founder of the Mansion’s Pantry.

I wanted a place where people could purchase a well curated line of products that were both delicious, beautifully packaged and 100% plant based. whether you are vegan, dairy free, or just sticking your toe in the plant based food world, we are here to help you fill your pantry with amazingly tasty cruelty free foods!


Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was then that I discovered that what you eat can greatly affect your health. Two years ago, I chose to go dairy free. I truly missed cheese, so I decided to make some dairy free vegan cheeses, and I was hooked! I believe in clean, unprocessed food, in healthy living, and that sharing a meal with someone is one of life’s greatest pleasures! 

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