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Why Not Eating Dairy Is Healthier for You

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The Mansion’s Pantry is here to whip up all your delicious, dairy free needs.

Why Should I Cut Out Dairy?

Cheese and dairy products in general have become a staple in peoples diets around the world. Many people are often hesitant to go dairy free due to cheese substitutions and not knowing if they will be able to get a creamy cheese pull grilled cheese.

Alas, The Mansion’s Pantry has answered these cheese lovers needs by creating delicious cheeses to compete with dairy cheeses, plus the added benefits of natural, dairy free ingredients.

But what exactly are these dairy free benefits?

Combat Digestion and Inflammation Issues

Milk used to be seen as an important and needed component to the human diet but many of these food pyramids are actually outdated. Now, milk and all dairy products have been recognized as the cause of many adults digestion and inflammation issues due to lactose intolerance and dairy allergies.

About 65% of people worldwide are lactose intolerant. That means 65% of people will benefit from healthy digestion and no bloating or inflammation from switching to dairy free cheeses.

Healthy, Clear, Glowing Skin

Dairy has been linked to acne and skin problems. Luckily, natural ingredients and food products often help clear up acne ridden skin and help promote healthy skin. The milk produced by cows are full of whey and casein proteins, to help promote growth in calves. When these hormones are ingested by humans, they often cause breakouts. The cheeses from

At The Mansion’s Pantry, cheeses are made with dairy free alternatives to give you a taste you’ll love while having bright and shining skin to show off.

Eating dairy free alternatives help keep you healthy while also looking healthy.

Avoid Unwanted Hormones and Antibiotics

The cows used to produce milk are often pumped full of hormones and antibiotics in order to produce more milk. Unfortunately, those hormones and antibiotics are transferred through the milk, into dairy products, and into the consumer.

By eliminating cows milk, you are eliminating those unwanted and unnecessary hormones and antibiotics, too. The natural ingredients at The Mansion’s Pantry help promote a natural lifestyle and they never add any unneeded chemicals and hormones to the mix.

Gone are the days of being told to “drink your milk to grow strong and healthy bones.” Yes, milk is known for being calcium rich but certain types of dairy free milk - like almond, pea, and flaxseed - boast more calcium than cows milk.

Besides debunking milks calcium title, most dairy free milks are lower in fat, sugar, and calories making them much better for the body.

It’s Better for the Environment

Not only is the dairy free lifestyle better for you, but it’s better for everyone. The dairy industry leaves a large carbon foot print through green house gas emissions plus uses up a significant amount more - up to 22 times more - of water than its dairy free milk counterparts.

All About The Mansion’s Pantry

Next time you’re looking for a dairy free alternative look towards The Mansion’s Pantry is a shop specializing in vegan cheeses and gourmet foods. All products are made in house and bring the power and benefits of natural ingredients and dairy free lifestyle to consumers throughout the country.

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