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Simple Steps to Becoming Plant Based

Simple Steps to Becoming Plant Based Plant based and veganism is easier to achieve than expected by taking baby steps to get there. How to Become Plant Based Becoming plant based or vegan is not something that happens over night, rather a series of small steps taken to achieve the final goal. Many people have a desire or an epiphany that helps guide them to their plant based journey, but are often lost when they get there, not knowing where to start and getting overwhelmed - causing them to let go of their plant based goal. In reality - like any major life change - it’s a process, climbing the ladder one foot at a time until you find your comfort spot. Start With Small Changes Your initial dive into the plant based world doesn’t need to be as dramatic as one would think. Start small and have one day a week dedicated to making plant based decisions. Meatless Monday’s are popular for people making steps towards plant based or just wanting to become more environmentally friendly in their week. Once you have mastered the Meatless Monday, start cutting out meat and dairy in other meals, like having oats instead of eggs for breakfast or eating salads or plant based sandwiches for lunch instead of a deli meat sandwich. These small shifts will eventually become second nature and you won’t have to actively think about avoiding meat and dairy. Test Your Taste Take a deep dive into the world of soy, tempeh, seitan, oat milk, and all of the delicious vegan alternatives currently waiting to be tasted. Plant based food has come a long way in the past decade. Now, any food you crave has a vegan option. Vegan cheese makers like The Mansions Pantry have perfected the creamy and gooey flavoring and texture of dairy free cheese. MorningStar Farms has introduced a whole plant based line of America’s favorite foods with burgers, chicken, and hot dog alternatives to enjoy with any occasion. Chobani has created a whole oat based line to get you through the morning with their oat milks, creamers, and yogurts. The plant based feast doesn’t end there, there is a whole trove of plant based companies stocked in every supermarket. Test them all, see what you enjoy most and keep it stocked in your pantry.

Fill Your Diet With Vegetables and Legumes Vegetable and legumes are an important component to any diet, but are often underrated and don’t get eaten enough. However, vegetables and beans are more versatile than many people know plus are great at keeping you full longer with plenty of energy and fuel. If you have a local farmers market, try picking up seasonal vegetables and not as common vegetables like artichokes and beets to keep your meals fresh and unique to avoid boredom. Vegetables and legumes can also be cooked in a variety of ways and different spices and herbs can change the entire taste and style of the meal. Mix up the way you cook and eat vegetables and legumes to help inspire new meals and learn more about your taste buds. Understand Your Why To become plant based, you need to understand why it is important to you, whether it is environmental, health, animal rights, or a mix, take a minute to understand it in yourself. This will not only help give you clarity but also help you understand yourself and your values better and will lead into your eating habits. Visit The Mansions Pantry for more tips to becoming plant based and try out some vegan cheeses and meats to help you get started on your plant based journey.

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